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Public Attributes

wcsprm Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

char alt [4]
int altlin
double * cd
double * cdelt
struct celprm cel
char(* cname )[72]
int * colax
int colnum
double * crder
double * crota
double * crpix
double * crval
double * csyer
char(* ctype )[72]
int cubeface
char(* cunit )[72]
char dateavg [72]
char dateobs [72]
double equinox
struct wcserrerr
int flag
int lat
double latpole
char lattyp [8]
struct linprm lin
int lng
char lngtyp [8]
double lonpole
double * m_cd
double * m_cdelt
char(* m_cname )[72]
int * m_colax
double * m_crder
double * m_crota
double * m_crpix
double * m_crval
double * m_csyer
char((* m_ctype )[72]
char(* m_cunit )[72]
int m_flag
int m_naxis
void * m_padding
double * m_pc
struct pscardm_ps
struct pvcardm_pv
struct tabprmm_tab
struct wtbarrm_wtb
double mjdavg
double mjdobs
int naxis
int nps
int npsmax
int npv
int npvmax
int ntab
int nwtb
double obsgeo [3]
void * padding
double * pc
struct pscardps
struct pvcardpv
char radesys [72]
double restfrq
double restwav
struct spcprm spc
int spec
char specsys [72]
char ssysobs [72]
char ssyssrc [72]
struct tabprmtab
int * types
double velangl
double velosys
int velref
char wcsname [72]
struct wtbarrwtb
double zsource

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1371 of file wcs.h.

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