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Public Attributes

spxprm Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

double afrq
double awav
double beta
double dafrqfreq
double dawavfreq
double dawavvelo
double dawavwave
double dbetavelo
double denerfreq
double dfreqafrq
double dfreqawav
double dfreqener
double dfreqvelo
double dfreqvrad
double dfreqwave
double dfreqwavn
double dveloawav
double dvelobeta
double dvelofreq
double dvelowave
double dvoptwave
double dvradfreq
double dwaveawav
double dwavefreq
double dwavevelo
double dwavevopt
double dwavezopt
double dwavnfreq
double dzoptwave
double ener
struct wcserrerr
double freq
void * padding
double restfrq
double restwav
double velo
int velotype
double vopt
double vrad
double wave
int wavetype
double wavn
double zopt

Detailed Description

Definition at line 441 of file spx.h.

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